Do you feel like your website could be doing more for you?

We’ve all been there, you’ve spent a large amount of time and money developing the “perfect” website for your target audience, you’ve done your research and followed all the SEO rules, you’re confident nothing can go wrong so you go live excitedly waiting for the website you’ve poured so much into to start working for you and…nothing happens.

It’s an incredibly frustrating situation to be in. You can feel like you’ve wasted so many of your resources on your website that it’s too painful to continue to invest in. You’d rather walk away and cut your loses than continue down the road of trying to rely on it as a marketing tool.

So, you ditch the dream of having a website that builds your audience, attracts your ideal clients (and filters out the unsuitable ones) and is a hard-working part of your sales funnel and you start to believe that the internet has become an overcrowded marketplace that only those with high marketing budgets and expertise are able to take advantage of.

“Thank you so much. This has totally exceeded our expectations and I’m now regularly getting patients book in just from google. Which is so amazing and I can’t thank you enough.”

Dr Sophie Rumbelow. New website achieved page one of google in under three months.

Here’s what you need to know;

  1. The internet is not full. Yes, there are a lot of people selling products and promoting their businesses online, but that’s only because the marketplace is so big. 
  2. There is plenty of business online for all of us. The more popular the internet is the more opportunity there is for us to meet our ideal clients online.
  3. Everyone that has had the awful results explained earlier has made the same mistake. They approached SEO as a one-off heavily technical project. 

At Disco Mountain we realised that on our most successful SEO projects we had spent more time breaking down and demystifying SEO and training clients on what they could do themselves than we had actually working on their websites.

The reason for this was that after working with us these clients had a set of strategies that worked specifically for them, they could apply at any time their website needed a bit of a boost or whenever they made changes to their ideal client or business offer. Suddenly their websites were something they had a clear understanding and control over and developing and investing in this new source of clients was an exciting and profitable exercise.

You will never meet an SEO expert that knows more about your own business than you do and when you pair that knowledge up with a clear understanding of SEO implementation anyone can have the client converting website of their dreams.

“Jo and her team came highly recommended to me by my marketing consultant. We already had a website set up, but we weren’t generating online bookings. Quickly after our SEO Audit, online bookings soared and now our diary is full most days. The transformation is remarkable! ”

Steve Bruce | Existing website increased online booking by 80% within 4 weeks.

How can we help you?

In early 2019 at Disco Mountain we decided to make our SEO services exclusive only to websites we have built, however, before doing that our Founder Jo put together a series of videos that share her knowledge so people who don’t have a Disco Mountain website can still learn from us. These videos make up the Disco Mountain SEO Toolkit.

“Jo is quite simply fantastic to work with. She’s energetic, committed and her work is excellent. Jo communicates clearly throughout the process (without all the tech speak) and never rushes you for a decision. She was always able to say what works and what doesn’t (and why) which I found helpful and reassuring. If you want a positive, creative and straightforward approach to your website, Jo is for you!”

SEO Toolkit.

In this series of short and easy to understand (no “tech” speak) videos Jo explains the exact SEO approach she uses to get our clients incredible results.

This toolkit will give you SEO focused strategies you can use across all your website projects leaving you feeling excited about the endless ways you have at your fingertips to increase website traffic and grow your business.



Promote Your Website Toolkit.

A website is an incredible tool for any business. The list of ways you can use it to increase brand awareness and revenue are endless.

However, often the process of promoting a website can feel overwhelming.

This toolkit shares some tried and tested effective strategies, that anyone can implement, which will result in more people reaching your website and wanting to do business with you online.