If you have read my previous blogs you will now understand what SEO is and how to create engaging content for your website. Now we need to set up Google Analytics and ensure no technical hitches are holding your website back.

Set Up Google Analytics.

Go to analytics.google.com and either sign in with a current account or click “Create Account” to start a new one. I always advise having an independent analytics account so you can share it with anyone else you want to view your data. Using the same account go to search.google.com and set up Google Search Console. Leave these to collect data for 4/6 weeks. After that time will be able to see which pages are most popular, where most of your traffic comes from and using Search Console, the keywords people are using to reach your site.

Use your Analytics Data.

If you are producing regular content on your website, like a blog, and sharing that on social media or other platforms look at where your site traffic is coming from. If there is a place where you are sharing or posting that isn’t noted on your analytics stop using it. Don’t waste your energy doing anything the isn’t getting results, there are always new places online to share your knowledge, so invest your time looking for them rather than over-using ones that don’t work.

In Search Console, you can see the keywords people are using to reach your site. If your website is selling glitter, for example, “glitter” should be on the list. If you have desired keywords related to your business (in this case “glitter”) that are not appearing on the Search Console list you need to increase the number of times they are mentioned on your website. Do this by writing a new blog or reviewing the main text of your site. Contrastingly, if there is a word on the list that isn’t connected with your website look for it on your website and remove it from your text.

Run A Test.

Next step is to run a technical SEO test. There are plenty of sites that do this for free, my favourite is gtmetrix.com. Most of the things in these test results are easy to understand and if your site is well built you should get a good score. If your score is bad and the issues brought up are tricky to understand it’s a good idea to get a specialist to advise you.

Optimise Your Images.

Having run many of these tests I have found there is one thing that almost always comes up and is simply resolved; it is slow site speed caused by images. When adding new images to your website run them through an optimisation platform such as tinypng.com. This ensures your image is the right size for the web and removes any invisible data that images pick up when they are passed through programmes or email. If you have a lot of images already on your site and you need to reload them don’t be daunted by the task, it will be worth it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this series of blogs, good luck with your SEO project – Jo.

At Disco Mountain we only provide SEO services for websites we have built ourselves and believe that the best results are actually achieved by people completing the optimisation on their own after taking some time to understand exactly how.

As a response to this, we have put together some resources that share our SEO knowledge so people who don’t have a Disco Mountain website can do just that – understand how SEO works and gain control of their own online presence…

SEO Toolkit.

In this series of short and easy to understand (no “tech” speak) videos Jo explains the exact SEO approach she uses to get our clients incredible results.

This toolkit will give you SEO focused strategies you can use across all your website projects leaving you feeling excited about the endless ways you have at your fingertips to increase website traffic and grow your business.



Promote Your Website Toolkit.

A website is an incredible tool for any business. The list of ways you can use it to increase brand awareness and revenue are endless.

However, often the process of promoting a website can feel overwhelming.

This toolkit shares some tried and tested effective strategies, that anyone can implement, which will result in more people reaching your website and wanting to do business with you online.